Monday, June 05, 2006

US Transit Authority Mission

Numerous methods to travel from one place to another exist. You could walk, bicycle, skateboard, drive, fly, dig, dance, plant, or create your own method of moving. Because many people choose to bicycle, drive, ride, or fly between places, we have organized and provided efficient methods of doing so. Newer and better methods of transportation and new energy sources will improve the efficiency, speed, safety, and comfort of travel.

Vision: The Space Elevator and scramjet technology will revolutionize air travel in the next 20 years, providing ultraquick cheap and safe air travel from one point to another. Maglev trains will make local and regional travel quick and cheap as well, replacing a considerable portion of distance-driving activities such as freighters and resource-heavy cross-country driving. Fuel cell busses and other power-friendly local mass transit will greatly expand the incidence and use of mass transit, reducing highway traffic and expense of transportation and increasing the range of urban environments. Better vehicles of all kinds will pollute less or not at all and provide cheaper safer commutes and personal travel.

Our goal is to revolutionize travel over the next 20 years, and especially over the next 5 years, to save the planet and society.


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