Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Big Dig Boston

I am fairly disappointed with the Big Dig project. Cement is strongest when within 1/4" of a supporting structure. Instead of putting rebar every foot or so, placing a 1/2" wire mesh would be a good way to improve construction concrete strength. It could even be a 3D 1/2" cube
mesh. This material has a strength of 550kg/cm. A one foot section of will hold up over 35 tons.

I am surprised that the Big Dig cost $14 billion. I would have used that 14 billion to fund a fleet of hydrogen-powered mass transit lines to drive around Boston and the surrounding metropolitan region to reduce traffic. There are options other than major highways to solve the
traffic problems. A telecommuting initiative or an internet delivery foundation with regulating features would have reduced traffic. A crowded highway is a liability. A properly functioning communication transit and delivery system that makes minimal use of roadways is more
valuable than high capacity highways for reasons like this and others.

William Bunker


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