Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Best in Truck Show

There is a better truck/SUV combo than yours coming to the market for 08. Just wait.

The truck will feature a sliding door passenger side cabin that can seat 6 comfortably, with climate control in the back and DVD player with fold-down screen. The driver's side of the screen, visible in the monster rear view, will give camera angles from all parts of the truck, so you can watch your stuff, tailgate, and turn signal all at once.

It should have 10-16" clearance, and use 20" tires standard. It will also come with a metal-rubberized tread that you can put on or take off without rolling your vehicle. The truck will have a ladderback suspension for the rear and a sideways butterfly for the passenger area, making the smoothest ride in a pickup you've ever felt or seen, with more load stability than a sedan.

Lightweight frame technology, suspension, transmission, and an efficient engine should keep the truck's real weight below 3000 pounds, and might even go below 2700.

A small SUV requires 165hp to run well. A long heavy truck can require 300hp to haul. I'd like this truck to be able to haul big loads and also have a great 0-60 and 40-70. It must beat the F-150 in speed and hauling.

I'd give it a diesel engine with the 4-cylinder O-gear engine, potentially with the Otto2 stroke setup. This engine can produce excellent torque and high Hp very efficiently. Assuming that 450cc produces ~85Hp and a CVT keeps performance high, I would equip it with a 340hp ~1.8L engine, or an optional ~1.35L 255hp engine. The truck being superlight will provide a marvelous 0-60 which should beat most performance sedans, and the diesel torque should allow it to haul considerable tons.

The SUV will be tall as well and use large wheels to keep suspension loss low and hi-torque diesel performance translation ratios high. I would put the same ~1.8L or ~1.35L engine in the SUV and weigh it in around 3000 pounds. It would be a long SUV with seating for ~10-12, and have the monster mirror, parking assistance, anti-roll technology, advanced braking systems, multizone climate control, a world of passenger and intra/extravehicle airbags, optional memoryfoam seating, taller cabin, and serious metal and rubber bumpers with flyguards and vertical hold bars for multivehicle collision protection.

I don't expect much call for these monsters, even with a mpg well over 30. Most people don't need this much towing or seating, and the smaller vehicles can produce a fine ride with better numbers.

I could put this on the market for $40K. Either. Let's see how little I could sell it for... could they be placed for 10K? ...


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