Thursday, November 16, 2006

A workup of the single-stroke gear engine

What would a single stroke engine do? The 2-stroke seems very perpindicular in its efficiency. But could I make a meaningful 1-stroke engine from a circular cylinder? It’d have fuel combusted in an empty cylinder and use the force to turn a pair of flywheels or somesuch. That would probably not get very good compression. It’d be more like rocketry than combustion. Well, maybe it could. It might have a good seal which would dissipate more gradually from the cylinder through the flywheel. But the momentum would not appear. It might have poor torque, but it could possibly spin up quite well. Would it turn a wheel? Yes. The gasses must escape and one end is sealed. The other has this flywheel blocking it. Maybe if the cylinder is C-shaped. Well, that would put more wear on the arch, and would probably produce more heat. That might require interesting gears. If one gear could be acted upon by 2-clinders which it would intersect, that might work. It could be a long thick gear acted upon by any number of clinders, which it would intersect.

However, this would reduce the inefficiencies of a crankshaft system and would be ideal for attaching to a multitronic transmission with a belt, or even dircectly to this gear if the cone can be variably engaged or disengaged from the cylinder-gear. This could produce excellent torque and power.


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